The Lewistown
Soccer Park

The new Lewistown Soccer Park will be a designated soccer venue and public park. It is our vision that this venue will feature multiple soccer fields plus a playground, sheltered picnic area, restrooms, concession facility, equipment storage, and parking lot.

Purchase of the 16 acres and subsequent development will be led by the LSC. A variety of grants plus private community donations will be leveraged to fund the project. However, given that grant funding for recreational projects is very limited, the bulk of fundraising income must come from donations.

Once Phase I is completed, the LSC plans to donate the facility/property to the City of Lewistown in perpetuity, as adjacent land (2.7 acres) is already owned by the City of Lewistown and slated as a potential park location. This will also allow the project to be eligible for other grant funding. To insure the site is not a taxpayer burden post transfer, the LSC will continue to help with development, as well as maintenance/upkeep support.

The new Lewistown Soccer Park will not only nurture our youth - it will generate increased revenue and population growth. When citing the top reasons why people choose to move to Lewistown - outdoor recreation and youth activities already score high in the decision process.

The proposed Lewistown Soccer Park will provide one centralized location for all soccer activities (similar to the d'Autremont Complex for softball and baseball), thus freeing up space for other activities at Symmes Park and the d'Autremont Complex (rented as needed to host matches) where soccer is currently offered on makeshift fields.

The new green space created can also host special events and soccer matches featuring multiple teams, as well as the state tournament. State tournaments generate an estimated $150,000 in revenue per day within a host community, delivering a total of $300,000 to $400,000 boost to the local economy during a 2-3 day tournament.