Our youth soccer programs are successful thanks to the volunteer efforts of various parents and community members just like you! Whether you're a parent or guardian who enrolls and transports your children to practice and games, or a coach who teaches and instills a love of the game, or a referee who ensures fair play and healthy competition, our organization would not exist without you! Our community and our kids thank you!

Volunteer Opportunities​

  • Team Coach (Coaches Code of Conduct)
    • Need to be at nearly all practices and games.  Experience a plus but the Club will reimburse you for all your training and certification expenses.  Need to be organized and good at communicating with kids and parents.
  • Assistant Coach
    • Need to be willing and able to help the coach for the entire season.  A great place to start coaching if you are inexperienced.  The Club will reimburse you for all your training and certification expenses.
  • Team Manager
    • Keep track of all the team's gear.  Assist the coach with equipment and organization, especially communicating with parents, helping to find rides to games, and planning team events.  Good communication skills a must.
  • Assistant Manager
    • Help the manager and fill in when he/she cannot attend.
  • Referee
    • Not technically a club volunteer, rather a paid independent contractor of MYSA.  However, our Club agrees to reimburse you for all your training and certification expenses once you have reffed a few games.  Most refs are sideline refs (ARs or assistant refs) and are not expected to have much, if any, soccer experience.  A great way to see the games, make a little money, and stay in shape.  Must pay for your own uniform ($50) which you'll earn back in 2 weekends.
  • Field Marshal
    • Attend games and watch for problems: be available to assist spectators that need help, educate public and enforce MYSA and LSC policies, provide first aid if needed, help keep the area clear of litter, call 911 if law enforcement or emergency medical personnel are needed.  You are NOT a policeman, more of an educator/assistant to the public.
  • Scorekeeper
    • Each team needs someone, or a few someones, to keep track of who scored goals (both teams) and other stats if possible.
  • Photographer
    • Each team should have a designated photographer, but everyone's photos are welcome.
  • Reporter
    • We need someone that can compile all the scores and some photos from each team and prepare an article for the newspaper by Monday afternoon and read it over the air on KXLO radio as well.  Usually requires a few hours on Sunday and/or Monday morning.
  • Board of Directors
    • Year round commitment.  Currently there are no openings; however, if interested please notify a current director.
  • Field maintanence
    • There is always work to be done preparing to host games, usually early in the week before the games, and again the morning of games (signs, fences, marking fields, filling holes, moving goals, cleaning up after, etc...)
  • Fundraising
    • When we run fundraisers everyone is welcome to help!  Let us know if you'd like to help organize one.
  • Concessions
    • We don't normally run a concessions booth but if that is your scene let us know and we'll probably give you the green light.
  • Assignor (Director of Referees)
    • This person helps to coordinate referee trainings, assigns referees to the games that we host, and works hard to recruite new referees to the club.  Best if you have been a referee, but not mandatory.
  • Director of Coaching
    • Coordinates the coaching trainings, recruits new coaches, and helps to coordinate the coaching assignments.  Needs to work closely with all the coaches and have great communication skills.

​Please contact any member of the Board for more information.