Montana Safe Soccer and C19 plan

The Montana Safe Soccer platform provides all Montana Youth Soccer participants (players, coaches, referees, administrators, volunteers and parents) with the tools to make their soccer experience safe, healthy, and free from emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.

Please see the MONTANA SAFE SOCCER to view the Montana Safe Soccer Safety Policy, and Abuse Prevention - MT Safe Soccer | Montana  to visit the Montana State Soccer web site's Risk Management page for additional details and information.

*Contacts for reporting physical or sexual abuse

  • Local Law Enforcement Number - (406)-535-1800                                            
  • Local Child Protective Services Number - (866) 820-5437
  • Child & Family Services Division of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (Montana DPHHS)
    • Child Abuse Hotline – (866) 820-5427
  • Club Risk Manager Contact Information - Brett Thackeray - (406)-350-0170
  • State Risk Manager – Jeff Schoonover - (406) 565-2676




Covid 19 plan

Lewistown Soccer Club                            Spring 2021                                 adopted 02/18/21

Coronavirus 19 (C19) Specific Risk ​Management ​Procedures

Lewistown Soccer Club will focus on participant health and safety. All return-to-play steps are strictly voluntary, and individuals may choose not to participate in play. All participants are expected to follow local, state, and federal health orders. If authoritative directives from local or state government change, all events may be curtailed, cancelled, or rescheduled.

Plan Implementation – This plan will be approved by the LSC Board of Directors, and the Central Montana Health District (CMHD). Copies of this plan will be provided to CMHD, City of Lewistown Parks and Recreation Department, MYSA, and all out of town teams who will visit our fields.

Club Contacts:

  • Risk Manager - Brett Thackeray - 406.350.0170

  • Club President - Joe Boyles - 406.366.3469

  • Club V-President - Erika Carlson - 406.350.2043

  • Club Secretary - Jacque Sherman - 406.350.1807

    Apparent illness:

    ੦ Ill individuals shall not be allowed to attend any LSC sanctioned activity and will be asked to leave the premises of such activities.

    ੦ All players and parents/guardians of players will be informed of this requirement at the beginning of the season and intermittently throughout the season.

    ੦ Any player who appears to have a contagious illness will be asked to leave premises and encouraged to seek healthcare.

    ੦ At the start of every LSC activity the lead volunteer (usually the head coach) will ask all players if they feel well and remind them not to participate if feeling ill.

    ੦ Coaches are expected to send home any ill player.

Preventative measures:

੦ Hand sanitizer will be provided to all participants for use at all events.
੦ Players and coaches are expected bring, but not share, personal items (i.e. water bottles, food, chairs, blankets).
੦ Snacks and food can be shared if they are individually packaged. 

੦ Mask wearing

  • -  LSC will not require or expect face coverings of participants, coaches, volunteers, or referees beyond the requirements of the Governor’s order. This plan further makes them unnecessary because of the efforts to enact community distancing and being outdoors.

  • -  All participants, coaches, volunteers, and referees are allowed to wear face coverings as they choose.

  • -  LSC recognizes that at MYSA events face coverings are governed by MYSA rules and local health department rules.

    ੦ Goalkeepers will wear their own specific equipment (gloves, jerseys, etc.) and will not share.

    ੦ LSC will generate a list of all program participants with contact information to facilitate contact tracing as needed. A copy will be provided to the CMHD and this list will be immediately available to all relevant parties upon request.

    ੦ Game changes:

  • -  Pregame conferences will be limited to the Center Referee, the head coach from each team, and a single captain from each team. This conference will be held at the center-mark. All participants will maintain 6’ distancing during the pregame conference.

  • -  No handshakes, fist-bumps, or other physical contact will occur.

  • -  Team benches at U10-U19 will be 12-feet back from the edge of the field to allow the Assistant Referee room to function and socially distance.

  • -  Teams may be positioned on opposite sides of the field with their fan section on

    the same side but other half of the field depending on the space available (see below).

    Social Distancing:

    ੦ Fields and markings will help reduce community mixing and encourage social distancing by keeping each town on separate sides of the field when space allows (see Community Distancing Plan below).

    ੦ Fans and teams shall have designated spaces on their own half of the field. Teams will set up on opposite sides of the field when possible so as to lessen contact with opposing players.

State Phase specific guidelines:

੦ Phase 0

  • -  All activities will be suspended.

    ੦ Phase 1

  • -  Practices – can occur in groups less than 10 people. Teams of larger than 10 will be split into 2 groups practicing near each other, but separately.

  • -  Games – can occur at the U10-U14 levels, U19 level games will be suspended. Spectators will be limited to parents/guardians of players only.

  • -  Tournaments – cannot occur and will be suspended. 

  • ੦ Phase 2

  • -  Practices – can occur, but inter-team (team A vs team B) scrimmages are not allowed.

  • -  Games – can occur at all levels utilizing community distancing (see below). Family spectators are allowed, non-family spectators and general fans are not allowed.

  • -  Tournaments – can occur utilizing community distancing (see below). 

  • ੦ Phase 3

  • -  All activities can proceed without restriction but preventative measures listed above and physical distancing are recommended as prophylactic efforts to keep us playing and avoid future restrictions.

    Management of a C19 Incident:

    First-degree contact event (lab confirmed case of C19) of a program participant, LSC will:

    ੦ Notify the entire team, coaches, referees, and opposing teams who had contact with the individual within the previous 7 days.

    ੦ Suspend that team’s activities for the next 7-14 days.
    ੦ Confirm that the individual’s family will not participate until they have completed self-isolation requirements.

    ੦ Contact the Public Health Department for additional guidance.
    Second-degree contact event (participant had close, un-masked contact with a case of C19, but has not tested positive):

    ੦ Remove that individual from participation until they have completed self-isolation requirements.


  • All LSC participants will be sent a disclaimer outlining the above plan.

  • All visiting communities will be sent a copy of the above plan.

  • Signage shall be displayed at the entrances to our facilities.

Community Distancing Plan: Symmes Park

  • Parking - home fans will park on Ridgelawn Avenue (west side of park) away fans will park on NE Prospect Avenue (east side of park). Signage will be posted directing home and away fans to their respective sides of the field (home to north, away to south).

  • Restrooms - park restrooms or outhouses will be positioned and marked “home” and “away” so as to help minimize inter-community spread. Field marshals will disinfect periodically and between use by different groups.

  • Field Setup - home and away fans and teams will be setup on the same side of the field to prevent inter-community mixing. They will also be encouraged to vacate when their team is finished to allow a different group in.

  • Barriers - We will use traffic pylons or cones and signs for these barriers.

  • LSC will not monitor entrances or police crowd flow, but may make changes to crowd control

    barriers between game days as needed.

  • Parking – all fans and teams will be encouraged to space their parking slightly more distant than normal (parking space markings will be painted if possible).

  • Restrooms - outhouses will be positioned so as to help minimize inter-community spread. Field marshals will disinfect periodically and between use by different groups.

  • Field Setup - home and away fans and teams will be set up on the same side of the field (where possible) to lessen inter-community mixing. They will also be encouraged to vacate the area when their team is finished to allow a different group in.

  • Barriers - We will use traffic pylons or cones and signs for these barriers.